SpectraFix Casein Pastel Fixative

Comments from SpectraFix Customers:

"I continue to be thrilled with the possibilities provided by your SpectraFix fixative - LOVE IT! This is the fixative I have been looking for all of my 38 years of painting. It will be so nice to finally be able to recommend a fixative to students."

Richard McKinley, PSA, Artist and Teacher
Author of The Pastel Pointers Blog, The Pastel Journal
Website: www.mckinleystudio.com

"SpectraFix works beautifully when sprayed in layers, but I am most impressed with how a final saturated coat on a multi-layered pastel dried with no problems. The surface is firmly held down without a loss of luminosity. Most varnish and acrylic based fixatives cause Whites and Reds to diminish, but with SpectraFix the White never dimmed or disappeared, even when it was layered over a dark ground of pastel. I'm very impressed!!

I think SpectraFix is an incredible contribution to the pastel artist's tool box, a 'green' fixative that is non-toxic."

Jimmy Wright, Artist and Teacher
Treasurer, Pastel Society of America
Website: www.jimmywrightartist.com

"I believe this is the fixative we've all been waiting for!"

Bill Creevy, author,
"The Pastel Book: Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist"

"Finally! Degas' secret has been exposed in the modern name of 'SpectraFix' pastel spray fixative. The archival ingredients are eco-friendly and non-toxic, an important health issue for all pastel artists to consider. This important information along with the least amount of color shift, adds credence to SpectraFix, and gives all artists a healthy and artistic choice."

Urania Christy Tarbet PSA,
President/Founder IAPS (Int'l Ass'n of Pastel Societies)
Website: www.uraniachristytarbet.com/

"As fixatives for pastel go, this is the best I have tried. It changes the pigment very little while fixing the pastel very well. I will be introducing it to my students."

Greg Biolchini,
Master Pastelist,
Pastel Society of America
Website: www.biolchini.com/

"I have been using SpectraFix for over a month now and my anxiety about toxic substances has gone away. I am free to use it in my studio with no concern about inhaling a harmful product. I use it frequently after every application of pastel and find the colors do not change. Another very important discovery for me was that I have much less pastel dust. Thank you Della for making a product that is safe and works."

Claudette Gamache PSA,
President, Pastel Painters of Maine
Website: www.claudettegamache.com/

"My pastel technique relies on heavy fixing to build up a vibrant multi-layered pastel surface. Spectra Fix allows me to safely spray indoors without the risk of inhaling harmful fumes from regular fixative. It holds very well with little, if any darkening. Spectra Fix has been a great discovery for me for use in my studio and in my workshops. I give it my highest recommendation!"

Alan Flattmann MPSA,
Master Pastelist,
Pastel Society of America
Website: www.alanflattmann.com/

"I will be placing another order with you shortly. It's a fantastic product. I'm also using it to underpaint with pastels... I pour some into a container, dip a large brush and go over the pastels to create a wash. I will not use toxic products (pastelists will usually use turpenoid or mineral spirits for this) and SpectraFix works great. Right now I'm working on a flamingo and boy, the SpectraFix really comes in handy with all the layers required. "

Gisele Grenier, Artist and Teacher
Website: Art By Nature, Ontario, Canada

"I tried your SpectraFix and it works great! It does not darken the pastels like some fixatives do and the spray comes out in a nice fine mist. I will definitely continue using SpectaFix, it works, the price is reasonable and I like the idea of having the smaller bottle of Concentrate to take with me when I plein air paint . Thanks so much for giving pastel painters another choice! "

Linda Roemisch, PSWC,
Website: Pastel Society of the West Coast

"My SpectraFix arrived today and I tried a heavy application on a small painting on Wallis. It did take a while to dry, but once dry it looks exactly like it did prior to spraying. Absolutely no odor and best of all ... no headaches!!!! Thanks so much Della for creating this wonderful product!!"

Lynn DJ, Artist

"I purchased my first bottle of SpectraFix at the Art Depot in Mechanicsburg, PA. The owner tells me your product already is selling well.
I have done all sorts of experiments over the past week, and must tell you I’m really thrilled with the product. Whether sprayed over thin strokes of CarbOthello or heavy strokes of Schmincke pastel the result shows no distortion of hue or value. The dried surface is a pleasure to work on top of, layer after layer.
I also tried a lot of alternate layering of pastel, SpectraFix and sort-of-dry-brushed watercolor. Great! Also great to gently scrub, with brush and water, right back down to the paper for correcting, re-shaping or highlighting.
Then used SpectraFix as a watercolor medium. Not the same effect as glazing with gum arabic, but more of a matte, gouache-looking effect that could be built up in many layers without those layers interacting. (I had added small amounts of white for body and opacity.)
Your product solves all of the important problems associated with fixatives, delivering archival quality, no distortion, matte finish, workable surface, and safe, in-studio usability. It seems history-making to me! Congratulations and many thanks."

Stephen Fieser, Illustrator
See his books on Amazon.com

"I was recently introduced to your product by our local art supplier here in Columbia, South Carolina, and I have been quite pleased with its performace. It allows me to work with my medium of choice and to display the finished piece without glass and framing. Obviously it is one component of my method, but a vital one.
Basically I prepare a canvas stretched over a wood panel just as I would for painting. I prime the canvas with an acrylic gesso followed with a thin coat of Golden's Acrylic Ground for Pastel. Then I lay in the composstion with charcoal and underpaint with gouache. I then begin layering with pastel, hard and soft, fixing each layer with Spectrafix. When complete, I spray the entire thing with Spectrafix, allow it to set for one week, then brush on a thin layer of Renaissance Microcrystalline Paste Wax. The resulting surface could only be moved by sanding with 100 grit sandpaper.

Of course the resulting suface has a "hardness" that is uncharacteristic of the unfixed pastel that we all know and love, but some concession to reality is necessary and worthwhile so long as I can use the medium of choice,as far as I am concerned.
Thanks for your part in making this happen!"

Jeff Donovan, Artist
Website: Jeff Donovan Art

"I must thank you again for making Spectrafix available! I've been testing it especially as a fixative for full value charcoal drawing on acrylic gesso panel that will be overpainted with oil. I didn't know that casein was used in the past for underdrawings, so thanks for the info.

Not only am I impressed by how unchanged the tones are, from the most delicate to the darkest, but have found that I can also make the drawing scrub proof by brushing on a coat of concentrate at full strength, after initial fixing with a few light spray coats. This allows for experimentation with colour because excess or unwanted paint can be wiped away repeatedly and completely, without picking up the drawing. The concentrate dries with a light sheen but the spray formulation dries completely matte, so any level of sheen is possible when you have the concentrate handy. Oil paint seems to adhere well to the concentrated layer - apparently no worse than to a dilute matte acrylic medium, which is common modern practice, and which forms a more 'plastic' feeling film with similar sheen. Acrylic medium can't be sprayed successfully without an airbrush. Matte acrylic aerosol fixatives (not varnishes) are rare, and at any rate, to do the same job with a non toxic, simple, natural, odourless and safe product is priceless.
I've just bought some more SpectraFix and will recommend it often!"

Alberto Proietta, Artist & Teacher
Website: www.albertoproietta.com.au