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Natural Glass Varnish and Painting Medium


Natural Glass is a revolutionary new water-based BioPolymer varnish and painting medium made from nature’s own pure ingredients. Fast drying to a water-resistant, semi-gloss film, Natural Glass works beautifully as a varnish or medium for all painting and drawing media, and on virtually all supports, including canvas, paper, Yupo, ceramic, stone, glass, leather, fabric (not washable), gourds and other materials. It can be re-worked, painted over, layered or used as pouring medium. The dried surface remains non-sticky to the touch, and does not require Glassine or other separating films to prevent two coated pieces from sticking together. It may be gently wiped with a lightly dampened cloth to remove dust or soil.

Pastel and watercolor artists no longer need to frame their work under glass! No more annoying reflections and glare, concerns about breakage and expense, ¬†Natural Glass makes shipping and hanging a show easy. Its lustrous surface adds depth to your colors while protecting from scratches and moisture.¬†Pigment brilliance is preserved, you won’t lose your highlights or dull your colors, in fact, pigments become even more luminous.

Like all SpectraFix products, Natural Glass washes up with water, is completely non-toxic with no irritating fumes, and can be used indoors.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, Gallon


  1. H Meeks (verified owner)

    I bought this recently as I have a lot of chemical sensitivities and also care about the environment, but didn’t want to sacrifice the finish quality or archival longevity of my art. This new FinalFix and Natural Glass checked all my finicky boxes so I bought them both to try them. I couldn’t be happier with the results; this is one of the few products I am delighted to leave reviews for. First I used FinalFix as an undercoat that didn’t change or smear my watercolor, gouache, or ink paintings when sprayed on with the aerosol-imitating bottle. Then I topped it with Natural Glass, in 3 coats that quickly dried in between–I like glossy, shiny finishes for my pieces and the Natural Glass is perfect for that. I also tried the Natural Glass as a glue/medium for glitter decoration and to glue on small paintings onto wood blanks for ornaments, and it worked very well for that, too! I will happily replace all my acrylic fixative, varnish, and medium with these two versatile and hypoallergenic products–I can display my watercolor, gouache, and ink pieces and ornaments without always having to buy expensive and fragile glass-and-mat with frames, as I tested them and my paintings are now easily dry dustable or damp wipeable and look just like the gloss acrylic varnish I’ve used from a big brand for many years! I am also itching to try this as a varnish on paper beads and air dry clay, things I can return to after many years as I won’t have to buy acrylic varnishes for them. Hooray!!

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