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SpectraFix Degas Concentrate
SpectraFIx Degas Concentrate with 4oz Empty Spray Bottle

SpectraFix Concentrate (2 oz)


SpectraFix Concentrate is perfect for artists wishing to control the casein or alcohol content of their fixative, or for use as a painting medium to mix directly with pigments. For those living overseas, it can easily be shipped anywhere in the world by mail. Available with an optional empty 4oz Fine Mist spray bottle to mix solution in, taking the guesswork out of measuring. Makes up to 16 oz total. Please see the mixing instructions below for further information.

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How to Mix SpectraFix Concentrate

Simply pour 1/4 bottle Concentrate into the 4oz Spray Bottle, top it off with alcohol, give it a little shake to mix it, and spray! You can also use as a painting medium straight out of the bottle.

You may mix with any clear, colorless, unsweetened alcoholic liquor such as Vodka, Gin, Grappa or Everclear. Most distilled spirits such as vodka, are 40% alcohol right out of the bottle, and can be added directly to the SpectraFix Concentrate. If you wish to have less water and more alcohol in your mixture for faster evaporation or use on thinner papers, you can use a strong alcohol such as 90% Everclear and dilute it with 1/3 water. Rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol does work too, but must be tested with a small amount of the concentrate first to ensure that it does not cause the casein to coagulate into lumps. This is because some alcohol manufacturers use strong acids to make the alcohol, and the chemistry affects the casein proteins. Be sure to read the label to check the strength of the rubbing alcohol. You can dilute 91% by mixing it with 1/2 – 1/3rd its volume of water which will yield a 45% – 60% alcohol strength. Just be sure to test it first!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 3.75 in


  1. joseph Giannetti

    I used spectrafix for several years I have a lot of allergies so smells are a problem spectrafix is perfect does exactly what they say is does , best part is the spray is so fine that it blends with it’s self that to say you can’t see any pattern or spots. I coated one 6 times to see what the effects are. It is so good I can run my hand over the surface “NO PICK UP” . I hate glass on works of art this is as close as I can get and the best part it dries flat Matt it doesn’t effect the color. Their are some tricks to applying any spay start outside the art work and finish outside the art work. I’ve tried all of them this one works.

    • della

      Joseph, I’m so glad SpectraFix works for you with all your allergies, I know what it means to be sensitive. You’re right, you don’t really need glass after a few coats of SpectraFix Degas, and the new Natural Glass FinalFix is terrific too.
      Thanks for your cheers!

  2. Sophie Temple

    Hello Joseph, I just read your review. Do you mean that with sufficient coating of spectrafix, a pastel work does no longer need a glass framing to protect it? What if the art work must travel, for an exhibition for example? What do you recommend? Thanks! Sincerely, Sophie

    • della

      Hi Sophie,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. With sufficient coating (at least 3 coats) a pastel painting will not require framing under glass, however you are advised to begin fixing the pastel layer by layer, to assure that it is firmly anchored to your substrate / support / paper, and not just a hard crust on top of a lot of powder. If you spray every so often your pastel painting will be as hard as a rock, and gets harder over time too.
      Also, you can investigate our FinalFix for even stronger protection and water resistance. I hope this is helpful, Della

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