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FinalFix Advanced Fixative


FinalFix 10 oz Refillable Aerosol
No more framing under glass! FinalFix provides a lovely matte finish to your delicate media, and allows for damp cleaning and durable scuff-resistance. Non-yellowing formula is all-natural with no fumes and is completely workable and archival. Combines well with all media and may be used as a FinalFix after SpectraFix Degas fixative, or throughout your painting process. If you desire a glossier finish, try brushing on our Natural Glass Varnish and Medium. FinalFix should not be used as a final layer on top of acrylics or oil paint, unless you coat it with a final layer of acrylic or oil varnish. This is because it absorbs atmospheric moisture and acrylics and oils do not, and as a result it may eventually delaminate from their surfaces.

The 8 ounce finger pump sprayer bottle contains 8 ounces of FinalFix and the Refillable Aerosol contains 10 ounces of FinalFix, and both bottles can easily be refilled with the 32 oz bulk sized bottle.
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Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 8 in

8 oz Pump Spray, 10 oz Refillable Aerosol Sprayer, 32 oz bottle


  1. H Meeks (verified owner)

    I bought this recently as I have a lot of chemical sensitivities and also care about the environment, but didn’t want to sacrifice the finish quality or archival longevity of my art. This new FinalFix and Natural Glass checked all my finicky boxes so I bought them both to try them. I couldn’t be happier with the results; this is one of the few products I am delighted to leave reviews for. Using the new aerosol-imitating refillable bottle, I was able to fine spray mist (with no spatters) many watercolor, gouache, and ink pieces for glass-free and mat-free display and for ornaments with FinalFix. The paint didn’t change hue or blur or budge after just 1-2 coats (something that has happened with acrylic spray fixative and varnishes as watercolor and gouache are so sensitive.) FinalFix has also been perfect as an undercoat under Natural Glass, the other new Spectrafix product I bought–I like glossy, shiny finishes for my pieces and the Natural Glass is perfect for that, and also as a glue/medium. I can happily replace all my acrylic fixative, varnish, and medium with these two versatile and hypoallergenic products, and can display my watercolor, gouache, and ink pieces without always having to buy expensive and fragile glass-and-mat with frames, as I tested it and my paintings are now easily dry dustable or damp wipeable!

  2. Priya Bharat

    I just bought the FinalFix 8 fl oz spray bottle to seal my gouache paintings on 140lb watercolor paper. I see the instruction says to use from an aerosol spray bottle sold separately!! Since it comes in a spray bottle I didn’t realize I have to buy a bottle separately. Description didn’t suggest when purchasing either. I decided to spray directly from the bottle it comes in, but found it sprays unevenly leaving the paper with large droplets between dry spots. Its impossible to spray lightly without covering the full area evenly leaving the paper saturated. Please suggest if its ok to use this fixative directly from the spray bottle. Any videos showing how it can be used on gouache on paper would be helpful. Saw one for pastel using aerosol spray bottle. Thanks for making a non toxic product, hope to find a solution on using this in a better way.

    • della

      Hi Priya,
      Yes, sometimes those smaller spray heads can emit spots, but often they can easily be covered up by the next layer. It depends on your media and mark making (the patterning and texture of your art), whether this is a problem for you or not. Many artists don’t find it to be a problem and some do. I endeavor to find the spray head that emits the least spots, but … it happens. If this is a problem for you, then do try the Refillable Aerosol sprayer. It works very well.

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